Global outsourcing of IT services: what is the main reason?

A lot of companies worldwide begin to outsource their IT projects instead of trying to form in-house teams for this purpose. What is the most important reason for the global outsourcing of IT services? There are multiple aspects of the case and we will look at them closely, but to put it short — outsourcing IT projects is nearly the only approach left available for startups and small businesses. Let’s take a look at why it is so.

IT outsourcing is a business practice of delegating the tasks related to cloud computing and software delivery to third-party companies, instead of trying to hire the required talents internally. Throughout the last few years, we witness the rising trend of global outsourcing of IT services, and there are several very important reasons for this.

The initial reason for IT outsourcing is the cost-saving, as hiring a company outside the US or the EU means getting decent specialists for a greatly reduced price, as the cost of living there is much lower. Thus said, outsourcing allows saving up to 30-50-80% of budget, depending on the country you outsource to and the level of specialists you hire.

First of all, there are not many first-rate DevOps engineers and cloud architects available on the market, so the businesses have to either employ sub-par specialists or pay to the companies where these A-grade IT engineers are employed for providing IT outsourcing services.

Second, even if you decide to form your own team, it will take some time to hire them, meaning you will either have to recruit recruiters to do the job or hire a recruiting agency. Quite the opposite, when working with a Managed Services Provider like, you gain instant access to experienced teams formed of the very talents you could not obtain otherwise.

Third, even if you do get the team together, it needs some time to become a cohesive unit, and during this time the risk of losing talents is high. On the contrary, IT outsourcing companies house polished teams that work well together, so you don’t have to worry about work conflicts hampering the progress of your project.

Fourth, when the team is formed and begins to actually work, they need even more time to work out the workflows and routines needed to deliver the results on time, as well as preparing the needed codebase of deployment scripts. While individual software engineers might have certain script packages at GitHub, they will still need time to form a holistic set of commands required for the development and management of your future product, as it will be their first common project.

Quite the contrary, when outsourcing IT projects to an IT outsourcing company that performs such tasks all the time, you will be using all their expertise. They will have all the needed scripts and commands in place and they will be experienced with using them, so your project will be launched full-speed from the very start,

As you can see, there are at least 5 quite essential reasons to go for IT outsourcing cloud computing tasks. But what kinds of tasks can a startup or a small-to-medium company outsource? Literally everything!

  • Design and implementation of cloud computing infrastructure
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure audit and performance assessment
  • Design and implementation of improvements to rectify the existing bottlenecks
  • Transition to the cloud from legacy infrastructure
  • Migrations between various cloud service providers
  • Cloud infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Design and implementation of Big Data analytics cloud solutions
  • Building and training AI and ML algorithms
  • End-to-end MVP delivery for startups
  • Continuous product development and updates

Final thoughts on the reason for global outsourcing of IT services

Thus said, the current situation on the global IT services market makes it literally impossible for startups to attract top-notch talents quickly and form cohesive teams of them. On the other hand, working with IT outsourcing companies provides cost savings, access to skilled IT engineers, gurantees of process continuity and rich R&D expertise at your disposal. What more would a startup expect?