How to fix 502 proxy server error?


Error 502 Bad Gateway, or the “wrong gateway” which is more understandable to us, is one of the most common mistakes of the number series 5xx. Such errors most often signal problems on the side of the site itself and the server. Error 502 means that your browser received an invalid response from any of the proxy servers, DNS, or the server on which the site is located.

Possible error display options:

  • 502 bad gateway
  • Error 502
  • Bad Gateway (502)
  • HTTP 502
  • Bad gateway error
  • Causes of Error 502 Bad Gateway

The reasons for the error can be quite a large number and to establish the real reason can be one more headache.

Here are just a few of the reasons for this error:

  1. Lack of server resources – with a large number of visitors and, accordingly, requests, as well as demanding plugins, the server may stop missing any resources. Most often, RAM or trite disk space. To avoid such problems when using a proxy server, it is better to proxy buy and not use the free versions.
  2. Slow requests – this can also cause a 502 Bad Gateway error. Slow requests (more than 1 minute) from one of the server components can lead to error display.
  3. Outdated software – outdated or incorrectly configured CMS, outdated plugins or “curved” code, all this can lead to server-side crashes and this error.
  4. Network error – presence of problems with DNS, proxy on the server side, as well as blocking by the firewall and the occurrence of malfunctions (sometimes artificial) on the side of the ISP is one of the reasons.

As you can see, almost any aspect of the site and server can be the cause. Therefore, it is better to look for a solution based on recent actions that you performed with the site or server. For example, if the site stopped working after installing the plugin, the circle of suspects will narrow to two. Either the plugin itself does not work correctly, or your server does not have enough resources to work with it. In some cases, you can try to use another proxy, which can be found here


Error 502 is encountered not only by visitors to the site, but also by the owner itself. Let’s try to find out how to fix it.

  1. Check if you have an internet connection. To do this, try to go to any other site. The error may appear even due to the lack of connection to the Internet.
  2. If you are unable to access only a specific site, then there may be three situations: the site does not work for everyone (the problem is on the server), the site is blocked by the firewall or the ISP itself, the problem with an outdated or incorrect cookie.
  3. To get started, try clearing your browser’s cookies: Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  4. If this does not help, then try to check if the site is working for other users with the help of various services.
  5. If the service shows that the site is working, then it means problems on the side of your Internet provider (blocking or failures).
  6. If the service shows that the site is down, then there are problems on the side of the site itself and its server.

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