Why wealthy foreigners invest in Spanish real estate?

In the third quarter of 2017, experts note another surge of activity of foreign home buyers in Spain. Over the past 12 months, foreign demand here has increased by 12%. Most often real estate in Spain is bought by the British, French, Germans, Swedes and Belgians. So why do citizens of the most developed countries in Europe invest in Spanish square meters?

Buying liquid real estate is the most reliable investment

Interest from bank deposits grows slower than the cost per square meter in liquid facilities. Besides, in conditions of global financial instability any bank may burn out and close. Real estate is concrete gold, which is not afraid of financial market storms. Even if the value of your Spanish property will fall (although there are no grounds and preconditions for this now), in a few years it will recover and grow.

Now one of the best moments to buy a home for investment

Apartments and houses in Spain have always been and will always be very popular. After all, it is a beautiful sunny country, where it is pleasant to relax or live permanently. Now it is profitable to invest in Spanish real estate. The local market is showing signs of recovery from the 2008 crisis. On the one hand, now prices will only rise. On the other hand, at the moment Spanish real estate is quite affordable even for middle-sized investors. The average cost per square meter is €1828. Keep an eye on the trends of the Spanish real estate market, and then you will know when the best time to sell your property will come.

Relatively inexpensive entry ticket to the Spanish market and easy transaction processing

You don’t need huge amounts of money to invest in Spain. In many other European countries, similar facilities are much more expensive, and the procedure for processing transactions with foreigners is complicated by bureaucratic barriers. In Germany, for example, it takes many months before an investor becomes a full owner of the property.

Spanish authorities are interested in foreign investors, and therefore they are given various bonuses. So, after buying an object worth from €500,000, you can apply for a “Golden visa” and get a residence permit in Spain. The opportunity to obtain a residence permit in the Kingdom of Spain is given when buying an object with even lower value. Another manifestation of the Spanish “loyalty program” in relation to foreign home buyers – the willingness of local banks to issue loans on almost the same terms as for Spanish citizens.

Spain is one of the best countries for a comfortable holiday

The fourth reason to buy property in Spain is the excellent opportunities for a variety of holidays. Any tourist booklet or real estate agency website in Spain is full of colorful descriptions of this amazing country. Climate, natural beauties, natural and delicious food, friendly locals, miles of beaches, historical monuments and entertainment and discos, developed transport network (the opportunity to travel around the country and Europe), affordable medicine and education. You will definitely have something to do in Spain as long as your apartment or house is growing in price!

Of course, all the above refers only to liquid objects with good location, not to stamped houses on the outskirts and 10 line from the sea, which have no value for investors. Contact our experts and we will help you find a land in mallorca that is truly capable of saving and increasing your money. Actually, you can find a lot of interesting options in Spain, so just start your own research.