Moving to a new office: tips to make it easier

Office relocation is a laborious process that requires the transportation of furniture, office equipment and documents. The challenge is to transport the server or safe. In addition, the move may temporarily stop the workflow and lead to losses.



How to organize the office relocation on your own? To organize the move to a new office is possible by the staff of the company. This option is suitable for small companies with a small budget. To make the process successful, stick to the plan.

  1. Conduct an audit, get rid of unnecessary and old things.
  2. Create a group, which entrust the organization of the move. For each participant – a certain scope of work.
  3. First collect small items. Empty the drawers and cabinets. Pack stationery and other items in packages.
  4. Collect documents and money separately; keep it with you when transporting.
  5. Prepare furniture and appliances. If possible, disassemble items, remove the accessories in a separate package. Pull out drawers and shelves. If you can not dismantle, secure the sliding items with tape.
  6. For packing equipment, use cardboard boxes, preferably relatives. If the box is not preserved, sign on the top of the container and their subject.
  7. For packing furniture, use bubble wrap and tape.
  8. First of all, transport large-sized furniture.
  9. Do not forget to sign the boxes. This simplifies the process of unpacking and placement.
  10. Divide employees into two groups. One will send, and the other will take things in the new office.

Self-relocation can lead to negative consequences. Among them there is a breakdown of computer equipment, loss of valuable documents and things, loss of time and stopping of the working process. To avoid trouble, it is better to contact the transport company.


Office relocation with a transport company

The transport company will simplify the process of moving and make it invisible. Many agencies provide a full range of services, including packaging, dismantling and installation of furniture and equipment. Professional moving companies provide customers with a full range of freight services. You do not need to worry about where to find loaders and vehicles, how to transport and pack office furniture, dismantle and install computer equipment. This will be taken care of by moving company SoCal Pro Movers. Office relocation will not be an obstacle to the work process. Thanks to round-the-clock work, they will move the office at night. You can learn more about how to order office relocation.


Transportation of office equipment and safes

Server transportation is a demanded service when moving an office. The server provides the work of other computers. It depends on the functioning of the entire network, so the server transportation is a responsible task. It requires care, accuracy and professionalism. Another problem at office relocation is safe transportation. The main difficulty of transportation lies in the weight, dismantling and subsequent installation. When loading and unloading, it is necessary to use a jack and a manipulator. Sometimes a lift or platform is required.


Get some help from professionals. A person who has not previously experienced the packaging and transportation of goods, does not even know about the number of available pitfalls. In order for everything to go through, as they say, “without a hitch” it is better to order the office relocation from specialists. In this case, all the disassembly / assembly of furniture, demolition of boxes and their rise to the floor, removal of garbage and much more will not touch you, and there will be enough time to resolve more important issues related to the detail of the company.